The mobile phone market is HUGE

£1.6 billion worth of handsets are waiting to be recycled or reused.

A recent Nokia survey revealed that despite people owning on average five phones in their lifetime, very few of them are recycled or reused. Nearly half are kept at home, unwanted and redundant. A fifth of people pass on their old mobile phones to friends or family, with only 8% resold.

This equates to over 90 million used and unwanted mobile phones in the UK alone. £1.6 billion worth of handsets are waiting to be recycled or reused.

Why so much?

The UK is the most competitive mobile market place in Europe. In order to entice customers, the mobile networks have been giving away a range of the best and most expensive handsets for free.

That sounds great for the customer, but the perception of ‘free’ often means that many of the 2 million people upgrading to new handsets every month fail to appreciate the true value of their old phones often discarding them or leaving them unused, not realising they have a trade in or exchange value of up to £200 each.

Act now to avoid depreciation

The value of mobile phones falls every day as the older models are replaced with newer ones. With the average value of the latest handsets around £50 and depreciation at about £5 a month, it really is wise to act sooner rather than later.

Get involved and earn money

There are a mountain of handsets out there and every little helps. By collecting used mobile phones, you not only make great money but do your bit for the environment and developing nations too.

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