Everyone needs extra money today

10 reasons to trade-in your phone

By now you probably don’t need anything else to persuade you that trading in handsets at Mobile Phone Xchange is a great idea. After all, anything that puts money in your pocket for very little work has got to be a good thing.

However, when it comes to persuading friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and anyone else with a spare handset or two you may need some more ammunition. Here’s our quick reference guide to the benefits of Mobile Phone Xchange:

  1. You get money for your old phone
    Simple but effective – this is the most powerful argument in favour of trade-ins.

  2. Phones are falling in value every day so trade-in now to get the maximum cash value for your phone
    Depreciation is a fact of life in the fast moving mobile phone market – act now to get the most from your phone.

  3. Everyone needs extra money today
    We’ve all heard the news and everyone’s facing hard times. A little extra cash is more useful now than ever before.

  4. It’s good for developing countries
    Many of our phones are sent overseas to help developing countries. A mobile phone can have a huge impact in areas where communication is poor or non-existent.

  5. It’s good for the environment
    Any phone we can’t reuse is recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

  6. It’s much easier than eBay
    No failed bids, no waiting for the auction end time, no waiting ages for payments or wading through the fraudsters – you send the phones, we send the cash.

  7. There are over 90 million old mobile phones in drawers and cupboards in the UK alone
    A mind-blowing statistic – but just think what it would be like if you could tap into that massive potential source of cash?

  8. Every month 2-3 million new phones are bought and the old ones are left lying in the drawer
    We’ve all got a dark secret hidden at the back of a cupboard or in a drawer – now your dusty, unloved handset could be converted into cash in your pocket.

  9. Your last phone is worth more than the one from three years ago
    Not only are mobile phones becoming more expensive (especially new generation handsets like the iphone and Blackberry) but also bear in mind that acting quickly to sell last year’s upgrade as soon as you receive your new handset will net you a much bigger cash sum.

  10. We pay even pay for broken and damaged phones
    We must be mad, right? Let’s just repeat that – we pay you for BROKEN and DAMAGED phones!

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There are over 90 million old mobile phones in drawers and cupboards in the UK alone

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