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Used mobile phones

You may think used mobile phones are worthless but you could get money for your mobile regardless of whether it has been pre-owned. Sell your used phone for cash and you could put the money you earn from it toward a brand new model.

Recycle your used mobile phone for cash with a mobile phone recycling company to save money and the planet. If it's in complete and full working order, your used mobile phone can be sold for cash. Although if it is broken your used phone could still be worth up to 60% of the fully working value.

To sell your used phone all you need to do is look for your model on the Mobile Phone Xchange website, and it is in good working condition you can receive money for your used mobile phone. It's a quick and easy process and one that will make you want to sell your phone for cash again.

If you have sold all your used phones, encouraging friends and family to do the same is a great way to help save the environment and earn them some extra cash. Maybe they'll be so grateful for the recommendation that they'll spend some of their money on you.

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