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- Sara Johnston 04 July 2010
"Got my cheque through the post with the full price they said they’d give. Can’t say fairer than that."
- Mark Hill 02 July 2010
"Used Mobile Phone Xchange last year and they were great. Decided to use them again without any hesitation and they were still great! Thanks."
- Carla Kennedy 26 June 2010
"Wish I had more phones to sell..."
- Chris Chennal 21 June 2010
"Super efficient, paid within two days, brilliant."
- Jasper Rivellino 15 June 2010
"Was a little sceptical at first but had a great experience. Would recommend."
- Ola Sharp 10 June 2010
"A+ service, thanks!"
- Nick Fountain 05 June 2010
"MPX are EXCELLENT! Got my voucher with padded envelope and as soon as my phone was received they loaded it up with £45. Spent it on a BBQ at Argos, hope the weather holds up now!"
- Simon Bandha 02 June 2010
"Quick turnaround, wasn’t expecting to get paid so quick but pleasantly surprised"
- Lacey Holmes 28 May 2010
"Great service, so pleased with my vouchers! Will definitely use again."
- Jeremy Donalds 23 May 2010