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"Envelope arrived day after I requested it, sent my phone off same day and got paid into my bank account two days later. Whole process took less than a week! Fabulous."
- Jenna Anderson 31 July 2010
"Can’t wait to spend my Debenhams voucher, thanks MPX."
- Missy Jacobs 27 July 2010
"Doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work! Will definitely send you my phone when I get my next upgrade, all the best."
- Karen Matthews 22 July 2010
"Glad my phone has gone to a better home."
- Whitney Tucker 17 July 2010
"Good job."
- James Redding 12 July 2010
"MPX offered me the most money for my phone so I sent them my phone and got payment in my bank account after a few days."
- Stephanie Macavoy 07 July 2010
- Sara Johnston 04 July 2010
"Got my cheque through the post with the full price they said they’d give. Can’t say fairer than that."
- Mark Hill 02 July 2010