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Why We Buy Your Used Phone


The reason why Mobile Phone Xchange offer you money for your mobille phone is because we care about the environment and want to make the world a better place. We do this by recycling.

Every year, two million handsets are replaced with upgrades deeming old mobiles insignificant. If more people were aware of how phone recycling practices work and how deeply it can impact on world economies, the planet would spin a lot more smoothly.

So we buy your phone to help the great spherical thing we live on. BUT you get a great deal out of it as well! By recycling your old mobile phone, your pocket gets rewarded, but even better than that the planet gets rewarded too.

Where Old Phones Go


You may not know it but your mobile phone is an extremely powerful tool for change. Being able to interact with our friends, families and colleagues is easy, and perhaps we take it for granted.

Think about how difficult it is for people in third world countries who lack this instant communication. Do you feel guilty? Well one way to ease your conscience is to sell your old handset to Mobile Phone Xchange.

If your phone is in good working condition it will be sent on to people in developing countries to help their economies grow. Their lives are greatly enriched by what you consider a reject phone.

By recycling your handset you are helping the world economically, politically and socially. It’s a win/win situation for everyone.

What Happens To Broken Phones


If your phone is beyond repair, it can’t just be chucked in the bin like general rubbish. Mobile phones contain icky toxic materials that are harmful to the planet and need to be disposed of correctly.

Many of these rejected phones are tossed into landfills without a second thought. Think about the effect doing this will have on the planet if we carry on this way. Your children will be the ones affected by such disregard.

The apathy must stop, and Mobile Phone Exchange are doing everything possible to ensure broken handsets are treated in a responsible manner.

We are fully compliant with the latest European WEEE directives on recycling electrical goods. This means less handsets are being sent to landfills. By sending us your phone, you help save the planet. By encouraging others to do the same you can make a real difference. You can be eco-crusaders too!


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