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Mobile Phone Xchange customers already get the best cash price for their mobile phones – and now with an option to receive Debenhams vouchers, there’s an additional 15% to be made on top of the cash value

Mobile Phone Xchange have secured an exclusive partnership with Debenhams to offer their customers a great opportunity to recycle their old mobile phones – and at the same time earn some cash.

The amount is dependent on the handset but now their customers have an option to receive an extra 15% on the value if the customer opts for Debenhams vouchers. When you consider a Nokia N95 8GB goes for £114 cash or £129 Debenhams vouchers, this is well worth the effort! Mobile Phone Xchange already offer the best valuation and this additional 15% for those opting for Debenhams vouchers makes them the clear choice for recycling handsets.

Even sending in the handsets is free with Mobile Phone Xchange’s prepaid envelope.

Happy customer Simon Reip added: “This Christmas should be cheap! I’m selling all my old mobiles to Mobile Phone Xchange and cheekily I’m going to use my Debenhams vouchers as a Christmas presents for my girlfriend and mum. They love shopping so this will make us all happy”.

Contact Information, Marc Walters, Director, Mobile Phone Xchange Ltd, Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London NW4 2DR, Email: MarcWalters@mobilephonexchange.co.uk

About Mobilephonexchange.co.uk: Established in 2005 Mobilephonexchange.co.uk specialises in trading old or used mobile phones for cash for both - consumers and the business sector. Mobilephonexchange.co.uk trades most mobile phone brands for cash or retail vouchers including Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, blackberry, Panasonic, Motorola, Sony Erickson etc.

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