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Environmental Press Awards in association with Peugeot and Press Gazette has nominated ‘Go green and save’ (an initiative by News of the World), along with two others, in the prestigious Campaign of the year award category.

One of the features of this campaign was to generate awareness among people regarding mobile phone recycling. According to a recent research, over sixty percent of old mobile phones are not recycled in the UK. An estimated 90 million old mobile phone handsets are available to be recycled.

The study also showed that seven percent of these phones will end up in landfills, despite the fact they are extremely hazardous to the environment if discarded. An estimated five million mobile phones that end up in landfills actually have a value of over one hundred and fifty million pounds, if recycled. It has also been revealed that a majority of people do not know the procedure to recycle a mobile phone and surprisingly many people are unaware if it is at all possible.

Go green and save campaign helped to create awareness among people about the procedure of mobile phone recycling. For this purpose, News of the World created www.notwbuyback.co.uk, powered by mobilephonexchange.co.uk

Marc Walters, Director at mobilephonexchange.co.uk stated: “We are delighted that News of the World has been nominated for this award. They have been incredibly proactive in promoting what is an important environmental message about recycling old mobile phones and making their readers aware that their old mobile phones really can be worth a lot of money”.

According to News of the World: “To date we have sent our readers cheques totalling £844,000 for their old phones, and we are confident we will have paid out over £1million during 2009”.

The judges for Environmental Press Awards are Paul Charman, head of journalism at the London College of Communications, Anita Syvret of Syvret Media, Justin Rowlatt from the BBC and Chris Shearlock from the Co-Op. The winners of various categories will be announced on 25th November.

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