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Recycling your old electronics is something that you wouldn't have thought possible a few years ago. Looking back at those old CD walkman's and faulty gadgets from your past, it soon becomes pretty obvious how wasteful we, as a species have been over the last few decades. Still, these days there are many options which we can all consider when wanting to get rid of those unwanted electronic items which we all have knocking about cellars and attics gathering dust and many of these options are not only green and as such great news for the environment, they can also benefit your pocket!

Mobile phone, kids toys, old remote controls...the list is endless! Whatever you happen to have cluttering up your storage space, here are just a few reasons why you should very much consider recycling these unwanted items. Firstly, the personal benefits are very much worth noting as recycling unwanted gadgets, even hi-tech pieces such as laptops and iPads can make you some tidy sums of cash. Secondly, consider the environmental benefits. Last year alone over 27 million mobile phones were sold in the United Kingdom and, when you consider just how many unwanted pieces of technology this equates to, that's a large amount of waste! Through recycling your old and unwanted CD players, mobile phones and the like, you too can make a huge difference to the environment and this is something which in the long run will benefit us all.

Believe it or not, even an old and battered piece of equipment such as a PDA or basic laptop can still be of value as these items contain metals which are still worth large sums of cash. This is why, even if it seems unbelievable at first, you could well be sitting on a lot of unclaimed cash, simply by having amassed old and faulty machinery! So get rummaging around that drawer of unused gadgets and see how mobile phone recycling can improve your bank balance and the environment.


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