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The concept of a smart-phone, complete with all the gadgets to which we have all become accustomed may seem pretty standard these days, but if you were to travel back even five or six years ago, the technology which was available to customers was very different indeed and in some cases, rather limited. Well, thanks to advances behind the scenes, numerous companies have taken it upon themselves to delve into the smart-phone market and 2011 looks like being a very busy year over at the Samsung corporation, with the team behind the scenes at the electrical giant pledging to double the number of units sold in 2010 this year. If successful in their aim, this could see a massive 50 million units sold over the next twelve months!

Even though the year is but a couple of weeks old, Samsung are planning to release a brand new dual-core handset next month, making their pledge seem like much more than just a spot of posturing. Last year was a successful twelve months for the company with a 3% increase noted on their Windows phones from 2009 so this claim may well have some grounding for 2011, however only time will tell. Of course, if this drive is successful, it could also mean that many of you readers will have an old phone for which you'll have no use, and that is where we can help.

If you are looking to upgrade for 2011, be it with a Samsung smart-phone, complete with all the latest tweaks and entertainment based perks or something a little more straight forward, don't miss out on the cash that you could well be owed for your old handset. To find out more about how to sell your mobile with Mobile Phone Exchange, click the 'how to sell' tab on the above menu where all the relative details can be located.

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