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If you thought the price of an iPhone was already high, imagine spending £5 million cash for mobile phone encrusted with diamonds, because an incredibly expensive one just like that has been unveiled.

The creation of British desiger Stuart Hughes, the iPhone handset is wrapped in more than 500 individual flawless cut diamonds which total an impressive 100 carats and also features two interchangeable diamonds, one a 7.4 carat pink diamond and the other a rare 8 carat single cut flawless diamond, which sit where the home button is. These two diamonds themselves are worth more than £4 million.

Commissioned by an Australian businessman with far too much money on his hands, the 38-year old Liverpudlian designer said of the project: “It was a fantastic challenge and I am really pleased with the end result - the phones look superb.

“Phones are so popular at the moment and this is the ultimate design for one. It was a very exciting project. The diamonds are rare and difficult to source, stones like that usually have a very long history.

“It is amazing that someone is prepared to spend £5 million on a phone, I doubt it will get used because it is worth so much money. It would be a disaster if it was ever lost,” he adds to the Daily Mail.

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