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Following the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, the new company Everything Everywhere has announced that they will begin to revamp some of the single-branded stores into dual functional ones in the lead up to Christmas.

Shops in locations such as Tooting, Weston-super-Mare, Dorchester and Bridgend will trade with the new moniker and will sell products by both T-Mobile and Orange, with each of them sharing shelf space in equal amounts.

Having spent £4 million cash for mobile phone advertising campaign to publicise the merger and featuring slogan’s such as "Who said pink and orange don't go together?" referring to the companies clashing colours, the announcement of the co-branded shops will further reinforce this.

Three Orange shops will incorporate the T-Mobile branding, and vice versa in the trial which aims to see if customers respond well. If it is successful, more stores will join the six initial ones, with a spokeswoman for Everything Everywhere stressing that the company is trying to find the best way of doing things.

Spencer McHugh, brand director for Everything Everywhere, said the new campaign shows "the unique and unrivalled opportunity Everything Everywhere has to deliver bigger and better ground-breaking customer benefits and campaigns".

If you want to make the most of Everything Everywhere and are not on Orange or T-Mobile, sell your mobile and switch to the supernetwork.

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