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If you’re a football fan maybe you want to sell your mobile and get an iPhone because the brand new Championship Manager is now available to buy on iTunes.

The game gives players the ability to manage their own football team and the updated version has numerous tweaks, improvements and new features, such as publishing your progress onto Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know.

Additionally, there is now a navigation wheel allowing you to direct a lot more fluidly, not to mention the actual match day experience where you can motivate your players and instruct them like a real manager.

Not only that, but you can shop for players from thousands around the world, and negotiate the price with other clubs.

“With Championship Manager 2011, we’ve focused on delivering a game that takes full advantage of the platform’s functionality and usability” said Roy Meredith, General Manager of Championship Manager.

“We’ve also been careful to listen to feedback from our fantastic community, for example this year we’ve added Custom Formations – now users can drag and drop their players into any formation they want as well as setting individual runs for players.”

Championship Manager 2011, made by Beautiful Game Studios, part of Square Enix Europe, is available now on iTunes across Europe for just £3.99/€5.49 so if you want to play this game but don’t have an iPhone you may want to consider recycling your mobile for cash to fund one.

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