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Posted by Harjeet October 13, 2010 07:54

Avid online auctioneers will be pleased to know that eBay have updated their mobile version of the site to make it easier for smartphone users who don’t access it through apps. If you don’t have a internet capabilities on your mobile, you might want to sell your phone so you can benefit from the new eBay announcement.

"At launch the new mobile site will be available only for iPhone users in the USA," Han-Shen Yuan, Director Platform Business Solutions and Mobile Engineering for eBay Inc. says.

"A version optimized for Android-based smart phones will be launched shortly after. The global rollout to more countries and platforms is scheduled for 2011 which will allow us to provide a compelling mobile eBay experience for all of the 1000+ unique devices that visit eBay each month."

Features such as auto-complete, expandable swiping galleries, remote content for galleries that don’t require additional download and a floating menu bar that keeps the most important controls always on the screen will be incorporated on the mobile site.

"Mobile is rapidly changing the way people shop today," says Michael Neidhoefer, CEO of the company Netbiscuits who have helped develop the mobile site.

"Working closely together with eBay for more than seven years has enabled Netbiscuits to help shape the future of mobile commerce. Today our technology is deeply embedded into the DNA of the mobile Internet, enabling many brands and companies from the retail and commerce industry to take advantage of 'the next big thing' in ecommerce."

Recycle your mobile and get a smartphone so you can eBay on the go.

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