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Now is a great time to sell your mobile as many of them are being used as medical tools in Kenya to track down areas of poor health and keep a record on them.

Africa is known as being awash with disease and has a lack of facilities to correct this. However, with new technologies comes the promise of change, as mobile phones and computers are giving health workers easier ways to keep on top of problems up and down the country.

The computer of Yusuf Ibrahim is used as a central point to monitor problem health areas as health workers travel up and down the country seeing the state of various towns and communities. "With the touch of a button I can see what's going on across the country in real-time," Ibrahim tells the Telegraph. "It is amazing."

"It used to take days, weeks or even a couple of months to find out about an outbreak of Polio on the other side of the country. Now we know almost instantly. The speed with which we can now collect information has catapulted healthcare and prevention to another level," he said. "It has completely change healthcare and saved countless lives."

Ibrahim says Kenya's mobile phone data collection system, which has been rolled out to six other African countries, is "probably better than what they've got in the West".

"Although we are a Third World country, I'm pretty sure we've done this before Western countries. While they [Western countries] are still collecting information in hard copy on clipboards, we are getting it instantly."

Recycling mobile phones is a great way to aid third world countries as many handsets get sent abroad to help economies grow.

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