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A man in Essex is fighting a £60 fine for driving while using his phone clamiing that because he was on private land he is therefore exempt from typical laws.

Jack Shutler was stopped by police last year in December for talking on his mobile while driving on Thorney Bay Caravan Park and was issued a fine as a result. Since he refused to pay, the case has been dragging on for months.

Mr Shutler tells The Echo: “It’s disgusting it’s gone on as long as this. In July, the police spent time going on to Thorney Bay to take photos and there have been two of them here all day.

“The annoying thing is, it seems like they have got nothing better to do and I hate to think how much it is costing.”

The 61-year old is representing himself in court, and as part of his defense showed the court a letter from Thorney Bay Park owner Jack King.

It read: “As the park is private land, Mr Shutler, like many other people who pass through a security-controlled gated area believes this, and having left the highway was free to use his mobile phone.

“Many of our visitors to the park are often confused and use their mobile phones for directions as there are over 1,000 caravans on the site.”

The fine currently stands at £270 cash for mobile phone law-breaking, and if he loses Mr Shutler may have to pay additional prosecution costs.

He said: “It’s the principle of the thing. If I am on private land the police should not be able to do this.”

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