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There has always been fear that mobile phones can cause much damage to users in the long-term, but nothing concrete has ever been proven. One scientist has now come forward to say that evidence has been collected but has been hidden to protect the industry.

Devra Davis, an American academic and toxicologist who was in the group that won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize claims that scientific facts for mobile phone experiments have been covered up to protect its ¬$3 trillion, 4.6 billion customer global business.

She predicts a “global public health catastrophe” will emerge in as soon as 2013 is the health warnings are continued to be ignored according to the Daily Mail. Young people will be affected the most as well. Perhaps now is a good time to sell your mobile.

Men trying to impregnate their partners will have a difficult time as David claims research made into fertility showed a male with his phone switched on in his trouser pocket can have a great impact on sperm count.

"All the research shows the same thing -- if you take young men who are trying to become fathers, those who use mobile phones at least four hours a day have about half the sperm count of others," Davis says.

"Sperm exposed to mobile phone radiation in the lab is sicker, thinner and less capable of swimming," she adds. "Mobile phones are low-powered radio frequency transmitters which produce microwave radiation."

Her book "Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What The Industry Has Done To Hide It And How To Protect Your Family," has many chapters discussing the effect phone usage can have on health.

"Is it possible that the pervasive use of mobile phones is causing a host of ¬subtle, chronic health problems, damaging our ability to have healthy children and creating long-term risks to our brains and bodies."

If you are worried about your health and think your handset may be to blame, recycle your mobile for cash and live a better life.

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