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As the big dogs iPhone, Android and Blackberry do battle competing against each other, the underdog Nokia seems to be gaining strength as it is announced downloads from their Ovi Store are growing.

Although Nokia were once mobile phone kings, their popularity dropped with the likes of Apple, Google and RIM producing smartphones which appealed to customers all over the world. The Finnish company have desperately tried to gain momentum again and they are slowing but surely doing just that.

Their Ovi Store is now generating 2.5 million downloads a day which has increased dramatically from recent figures. Nokia’s aim to keep up pace with the big boys looks like it is working! Are you tempted to sell your mobile and jump on the bandwagon?

Just a few weeks ago on 14 September, Nokia announced that Ovi Store was doing two million daily downloads. Figures increased late last week to 2.3 million and just a days later the statistics have jumped up again to 2.5 million, an increase of half a million in less than a month.

When asked by Mobile Entertainment about the rapid speed in which Nokia is gaining downloads, they replied: "Credit it to growing interest in Ovi, new store updates, better search and awareness and great content."

Maybe it’s worth getting cash for old mobiles and switching to Nokia as they continue to grow.

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