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Posted by Harjeet October 07, 2010 09:58

Having a draw full of wires and cables, trying to find the charger that fits your current phone can be a bit of a nightmare, but a new concept phone which bears the Nokia name could put a stop to all that.

A mobile phone concept by London designer Patrick Hyland can be charged by the heat in your pocket which makes it eco-friendly and great for reducing your energy bills.

As people get upgrades on their phones every year, mobile phone recycling is common but chargers produce 51,000 tons of waste in addition to the greenhouse gases created by the production of the electricity needed to charge them.

Not only can you power up the phone using the warmth of your hand, but the integrated thermogenerator converts heat from any source into electrical energy so you can place it on top of a radiator or snuggly in your pocket to charge it.

The case of the phone is made of copper and features engraved heat-sinks in the shape of dried earth to represent the effect that heat can have on the earth. This heat-conductive charging system could mean that phone charger manufacture is significantly reduced if this phone is produced, or the technology behind it at least.

Let’s hope this phone does make it to the market. Buying a phone without a charger will also mean it costs less so you won’t have to pay as much cash for new mobile.

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