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New research conducted by Orange has found that mobile phone owners prefer using the internet through a browser instead of on apps.

Only 30% of smartphone users relied on using apps, whereas the remaining 70% used a browser to look at the internet on their phone according to the mobile network's 'Mobile exposure 2010' survey, which was conducted by TNS.

In addition to this, 58 percent use their phones for internet browsing the same way they use their PCs, and 16 percent have lowered their magazine and newspaper consumption because they view it on their phones. Recycling paper seems more likely than recycling mobile phones if the statistics increase.

When it came to getting information in more details, 40 percent said they quickly check information on their phone and then go to a PC to re-read the story more intently.

"In the UK, where the mobile internet is more established, there are more optimised sites for phones and the experience is better, encouraging higher browser usage," said Paul Francois Fournier from Orange.

"Brands and media companies have a clear opportunity to use mobile to further engage with consumers as part of a holistic media mix, whether it is a capturing conversation around a TV show or a retail brand integrating the mobile and online shopping experience with location-based capabilities."

If you don’t have a smartphone, sell your mobile and buy a more accomplished phone so you too can browse the internet on it.

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