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Posted by Harjeet October 06, 2010 10:41

Orange and T-Mobile has finally become a single entity with customers on either network now being able to switch between whoever is giving the better reception where they are. Now might be a good time to sell your mobile and switch to one of these providers.

The joint venture between the two companies, now named Everything Everywhere, now means that customers of Orange and T-Mobile are part of a super-network which offers better connection across the country.

So if for instance you are on Orange, and T-Mobile are offering a better signal in the area you are in, you will automatically be switched and vice versa if you are on T-Mobile and Orange’s signal is stronger.

No additional charges will be made, so if you are using T-Mobile and use Orange’s network to place a call, you won’t be charged Orange’s rates.

However, internet usage will be a little more troublesome. If you switch to the other network, customers will be using it on a 2G basis which means internet browsing will be much slower and other services which work best on 3G may also lag and not work properly.

If you want to make the most of switching between the networks, you currently have to call up your provider and request to opt in. An Everything Everywhere spokesman said: "Unfortunately some customers won't be able to opt in at the moment, for example if your Orange account is suspended or if you're a mobile broadband customer."

Tom Alexander, chief executive officer of Everything Everywhere said: "This is the beginning of an ambitious plan to give our customers instant access to whatever they want, wherever they are - instant access to everything everywhere.

“Until now, the industry has been working in a single network environment. We have a vision of a 'multinet' world where the consumer will be able to access what they want, when they want, at the touch of a button," he continued.

If you want to be part of this super network, why not recycle your mobile and join Everything Everywhere.

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