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As the dominance of mobile phones increases, more households are getting rid of their landline phones which leads to confusion when a phone call needs to any member of a family who is free to answer. But a new technology by a Swedish mobile operator has a solution to fix this saving you money for your mobile.

The service, called 3Henummer Familj (3Home Number Family), developed by 3 allows a single phone number to be assigned to a family which reaches them on their mobile phone. The number can either be their old fixed-line number or an entirely new one.

There are three options to how calls can be collected. The first is for all phones assigned the number ring at the same time and the first person to answer takes the call. The second option is a preference of family members is assigned, and the call is directed to each person in turn. And finally, the last option is a message which asks the caller who they wish to be connected to, instructing them to press one for mum, two for dad, three for sister and so on.

Costing just 69 Swedish kronor (£6.50) a month, the service can connect up to nine people and the calls rates are the same as if you were dialing a fixed line number, say 3 in Sweden. Deputy CEO Nicholas Högberg hopes for this to be the most cost effective option for families as the number of people relying solely on mobile phones increases.

Although Sweden is currently the only country where 3 offers 3Hemnummer Familj, they also has a presence in nine other countries, the U.K. so you could get the best deals for your mobile phone by ditching your landline.

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