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If you’re planning on moving to Australia you may want to sell your mobile before you go to avoid becoming like the locals because research has revealed that many Australians use their phones in bed, while driving and, probably most cringe-worthy of all, on the toilet.

In research published by Telstra it was found that many smartphone owners use their devices at any opportunity they can. Consumer Executive Director Rebekah O’Flaherty said: "Whether we're at home in front of the TV, in the bathroom or in bed, Telstra's research suggests smartphones have become an indispensable way for Aussies to get connected and access the information, entertainment and news that matters to them.

"Over the past 12 months we've seen huge growth in the popularity of smartphones and they now make up more than half of all Next G handset sales in Telstra Stores.”

Women are most likely to use their phone in bed, with 54% of ladies admitting to vertical usage compared to 49% of men. However, when it came to making the bathroom an office, men were worst culprits with 38% admitting of using their phone on the toilet compared to just 22% of women.

O’Flaherty added: "Telstra's Smartphone Index suggests smartphones are beginning to eclipse PCs as the preferred way of accessing certain online content. Almost one in four smartphone owners visit social networking sites like Facebook on their mobiles more than on a computer. Surprisingly, we also found around 10 per cent are more likely to do their online banking from their phone than on their PC."

If you are going to recycle your mobile for cash, please ensure it’s been disinfected first!

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