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Google have acquired the tool BlindType in a bid to get you to sell your mobile and buy one of the Android phones.

It is unknown how much Google paid for it, but it will mean that this innovative input system may not see the light of day on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

BlindType’s technology allows users type pretty much anywhere on the phone's touchscreen, and memorises the movements to turn them into text so that it is not necessary to look at the keyboard the entire time while composing your message.

"Although this would typically lead to countless spelling mistakes that would be impossible to autocorrect, BlindType predicts what the user intended to write with a success rate not previously seen on any other system," BlindType explained on its Web site.

"We're excited to welcome the BlindType team to Google," Google told eWEEK. "With their help, we hope to make touch typing on your mobile device easier and faster than ever."

Although Android already have some inspired text input systems on their phones, such as Swype which has been used to break the world record for fastest text message composed, Google want to keep ahead of the competition and the acquisition of BlindType is another great reason for customers to recycle mobile phones and take the leap to the Android OS.

Apple had better keep their eyes open and snatch some other great technologies, otherwise they may lose more of their marketshare.

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