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With the wealth of apps currently available on all phones, it’s hardly surprising that many of them are not there to improve the functionality of your phone or help you get organized. A large number of them are just for fun, much like the hilarious Slangatang.

There are comedy apps on all mobiles so you won’t have to sell your phone and this one is available on all three major marketplaces - the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Slangatang is way to share a large array of regional accents with friends; we’ve come a long way since the days of stiffly spoken posh voices on the airwaves and with all manner of accents now on our screen from people all over the country, and world, Slangatang puts the comedic value in them.

Ranging for Scouse of Cockney within out fair shores, and crossing overseas to America and Australia, it gives users a good old chuckle and the dialects from all over the world, and all without offending.

They may be stereotypical but during its creation the makers have been very careful to make sure that the accents do not poke fun, while at the same time still remain humourous. And with the potential to introduce new characters, Slangatang shows great promise as an app which won’t get forgotten amongst all your other apps.

And the great thing is you won’t have to pay cash for mobile phone app Slangatang because it’s currently free and available to download right now. If you want to download Slangatang, text "slang" to 60066 and you'll be sent a download link for which you’ll be charged your standard network rate.

Alternatively head over to http://slang.grppl.com on your mobile browser, or pick it up from http://appworld.blackberry.com/ on the BlackBerry App World.

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