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Posted by Harjeet September 30, 2010 07:22

Most men see the world as their toilet, and this quite often includes telephone boxes, but for one pensioner there’s nothing illegal or indecent about his own habit of using a phone box to urinate in seeing as he bought and refurbished it.

John Long, a 73-year old pensioner has always dreamed of owning a red phone box that is synonymous with the United Kingdom, but as they gradually become more unused due to high mobile phones sales, the traditionally British symbol is getting seen less and less.

But Long had an ingenious idea for converting a phone box and refurbished it into a lavatory. He tells the BBC: "I'd wanted a red telephone box for years and I didn't have an outside toilet, so I thought I could combine the two."

To make sure the toilet would fit inside what would become a cubicle, the retired salesman used his stealth skills to sneak out in the night with a toilet pan in order to assure himself of the measurements.

"I sat on it, hoping and praying no one would come along and take me off to the nut house," he said.

And now that he has fully converted the toilet with a porcelain lavatory, working flush and washbasin, a heater, and most importantly, frosted glass window panes to protect his modesty, Long is making great use of this toilet phone booth.

He says: "To be honest, I probably use it more often than the internal toilet.” Maybe if he kept the phone in there too he could kill two birds with one stone and sell unused mobile phones.

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