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Posted by Harjeet September 30, 2010 11:44

The merger between T-Mobile and Orange may seem like a match in heaven but the newly formed company Everything Everywhere is reducing its workforce meaning 1,200 members of staff will be left jobless.

Since the two companies formed, there have been many duplicate jobs and the 16,000 staff been assessed over the past three months to see who would be most suitable to stay in the company. No retail positions will be affected though, so staff will still receive cash for mobile phone sales on the counter.

Everything Everywhere chief executive officer Tom Alexander said: “With the size and scale of our combined business, we have an incredible opportunity to deliver an unrivalled experience and unparalled value to our customers.

“To do that we need to ensure that we are operating with maximum efficiency, effectively serving our two brands while removing any unnecessary duplication from the business and, above all, making sure that we are set up to deliver for the future.

“It is therefore regrettable that some roles will need to be removed from our combined business. We will of course be doing everything we possibly can to mitigate the personal impact on our people and support them through this process.”

If you have a bad network, sell your mobile and switch to Everything Everywhere for a better coverage across the nation.

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