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Research was conducted to coincide with National Coffee Day in America to find out the caffeine and mobile phone habits of the nation, and the results show that 54% of those surveyed would rather sell mobile phones than give up their daily coffee fix.

While the UK is revered for their love of tea, Americans are known not to be able to function without their morning coffee, and the 2010 Filterfresh Coffee Reports backs up these claims.

The study found that coffee is a vital aspect of many people’s lives with a mammoth 90% of participants drinking it in the morning. 30% said they couldn’t consider seeing their boss without a fix which makes us wonder what their bosses are like! Additionally 72% are convinced that coffee improves their mental focus.

Coffee is considered a social thing too, especially in the workplace. 72% drink coffee with their colleagues and 69% said if they drank the last cup they’d brew another pot for the entire office. However 24% wouldn’t if they were the culprit to poured the last lot.

As for the effect coffee has in the bedroom, 52% reckon it doesn’t hurt in improving libido. However, 68% of partners would suffer in silence if they were with someone who had coffee breath, whereas 32% would confront the caffeine aroma.

Americans rely so heavily on coffee we hope they don’t get the shakes when they use mobile phones to dial numbers. They can do without a handset if that is the case.

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