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If you don’t want people to know your true emotional state, you might want to sell your mobile because a new technology has been developed which can sense if a caller is happy, sad, bored or angry.

The speech recognition system is called ‘EmotionSense’ and academics hope it will help psychologists study emotion, moods and social behaviour more accurately by fitting the technology into mobile phones.

During a pilot scheme, it was discovered that callers are happier at home, while work makes them sadder. Additionally, it found evening calls were full of much more ‘intense’ emotion.

Using speech recognition technology to determine emotions and a GPS tracking system to log where the call is being made, Dr Cecilia Mascolo, of the University of Cambridge's Computer Laboratory, said a lot could be learnt from such an amazing invention.

She tells the Daily Mail: “Everyone has a mobile phone, so potentially they are a perfect tool if you want to track the behaviour or emotional condition of large numbers of people. What we are trying to produce is a completely non-intrusive means of achieving that which also respects privacy.

“In time, it could have an enormous impact on the way in which we study human behaviour and give psychologists a deeper insight into what it is that makes different types of people tick.”

If you fear your phone may reveal too much about your personal feelings, it may be a good idea to recycle your mobile for cash and live life without intrusion.

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