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The emergence of smartphones has meant that more people are working from home as the flexibility of having a workspace away from the office makes employees more productive. Now might be the right time to sell your mobile and take the plunge to versatile all-in-one device.

In a survey conducted by Orange, 1,817 small and medium business customers found that 88% of businesses give their staff the opportunity to work out of the traditional office space, with 74% using this benefit to work from or a flexible workspace.

Additionally, 82% of business owners questioned claimed they can work as well out of the office as in, and it improved productivity in their own preferred environment because they had no distractions and therefore 55% of employees worked six hours or less a day.

Martin Lyne, SME marketing director, Everything Everywhere said: "When running a business, many dream of shorter more flexible working days with the hope of leading a better quality of life. Whilst there is no denying that setting up a company can involve a lot of blood, sweat, tears and time; what this research highlights is that small and medium business owners are able to work when it suits them and make the most of their free time.

"The Orange business customers that were surveyed felt that they were able to get a lot more done in the day, not only in terms of finishing their day earlier (or starting later), but by also having the option to mix work and daily chores throughout the day through working more flexibly."

If you want to persuade your boss to allow you to work from home, recycle your mobile and buy a smartphone to show you can work from anywhere.

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