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Posted by Harjeet September 23, 2010 10:34

Recycling your mobile is one surefire way to help save the environment but there are also a wealth of other ways you can do your bit for the planet using your phone. One idea is to buy the new WWF iPhone app.

Animals make the world go round and by spending your money on purchasing the new app by the World Wildlife Fund you could contribute to keeping them safe and well in addition to having the cutest mementos stashed away in your phone.

The two virtual animals you can purchase are a panda in the form of the WWF Panda Collection Tin and a penguin with Adélie Penguin.

For the £1.79 you pay, your app of choice comes complete with a 3D virtual animal which can be spun around, zoomed in on, and saved as your wallpaper. Not only that, but for those who are keen social networkers, there are sharing features, so you can send it to a friend via Facebook, Twitter or email.

The app also gives a wealth of knowledge on the WWF and all the latest campaigns they are running. And from buying the app, proceeds will be donated to the charity, so animal lovers should spare some change and download the app from the iTunes store.

Not only that, but if you’re lucky enough to own an iPhone AND iPad, the app is universal so can be used on both devices. If you don’t own an Apple product but want to help the animals, now might be the best time to sell your mobile and trade up.

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