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Young people are being warned about the dangers of Britain’s roads while listening to iPods and texting on mobile phones as many more fatal accidents are occurring due to these devices.

A new campaign called Tune into Traffic is highlighting awareness about how young people are so technologically absorbed in their gadgets that they neglect checking life-threatening situations.

Many young drivers are ignoring the laws introduced in 2003 which made driving while using a mobile phone illegal. However, many new young drivers are ignoring these rules and causing accidents which is why Tune Into Traffic, an online campaign, want to promote an updated version the Green Cross Code’s Stop, Look, Listen message.

Founder Manpreet Darroch said: “Road traffic collisions are the biggest cause of death among young people and, from our own observations and what young people are telling us, the distraction posed by these devices is huge.

“Road traffic collisions are the biggest single cause of death among young people in Britain and the world and we're asking Government to take notice of the way modern lifestyles are contributing to that horrible fact,' he added.

However it is not just drivers who are being urged to be cautious. Cyclists are also being targeted as part of the campaign following the death of an oblivious teenager who collided with a car as a result of listening to her iPod.

Coroner Nicholas Gardiner said of 17-year old Abigail Haythorne’s death: “I would urge cyclists to reserve their hearing and not to use their earphones while using the roads.” Perhaps selling your iPod so it doesn’t tempt you is a good idea.

It would be wise spending cash for mobile phone accessories like handsfree kits to take incoming calls when driving, but the main thing is to be patient and wait until you’ve completed your journey before texting.

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