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Posted by Harjeet September 22, 2010 06:00

Mobile phones in school prove a distraction to children who use it to text, email and browse while in class, but one school in China is taking a stand and is using metal detectors to stop students from bring their handsets in.

The Langfang No 1 Middle School in Hebei province is taking strict measure to ensure pupils do not disregard the rules and sneak their phones in and have therefore purchased similar security measures to those used in airports which will catch anyone who tries to enter the premises with a device.

Officials at the school were worried that students will use their phones to view pornographic videos and play cyber games during study hours reports the China Daily who quote Yanzhao Metropolitan News.

If the security measures detect that one of the 3,000 students has a phone on their person, it is confiscated until the end of the day and can only be retrieved from teachers once school hours are over.

“Teen-agers are prone to be poorly self-disciplined and easily fall into temptation,” He Shaoqing, director of moral education office at the school, was quoted as saying. Another reason he has decided to ban mobiles is because he feels students will be distracted by comparing their high-tech devices and how much cash for phones is spent.

However, it is not just students who have to go without their phones. Teachers too are banned and are not allowed to take their mobiles into the classroom. It might be worth selling mobile phones and going without.

However, if there is an emergency and a call needs to be made, the school has installed 160 magnetic card phones in its teaching buildings, canteens and dormitories for students to use during school hours.

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