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Posted by Harjeet September 16, 2010 06:44

The world may soon sell mobile phone chargers as unnecessary clutter because a new wireless way of charging handsets and a whole host of other gadgets is currently in development.

Charging your phone can be quite an untidy task with wires getting in the way, but thanks to a new Japanese venture, a system which allows gadgets to be juiced up wirelessly may soon become a common occurrence.

Fujitsu, the Japanese technology company are responsible for the wireless charger which will also be able to charge digital cameras and laptop computers, as well as potentially powering up electric cars.

Showing off a prototype system at an Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers conference at Osaka Prefecture University, the technology works on the basis of the transmission of electricity using magnetic fields between the charger and the electronic device.

It will work up to several metres away and Fujitsu hope to introduce public “charging spots” so your phone gets a boost throughout the day when you are out and about.

"This technology paves the way to integrating compact wireless charging functions into mobile phones and enabling multiple portable devices to be charged simultaneously without any restrictions on their position with respect to the charger," the company said in a statement.

Although no price has been mentioned, Fujitsu hope to have this technology ready for 2012. Recycling mobile phone chargers maybe soon be the best thing to do.

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