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Smartphones may be increasing in popularity, but people who own these kinds of phones are not making full use of all the functions featured on their handsets, namely the apps.

In a report published by the Pew Research Centre’s Internet and American Life project it was discovered that 82% of adults have mobile phones, and only 35% of have apps on them.

The Rise of Apps Culture report states that only 24% of people use apps on their phone, and 11% don’t even know they have them.

Not many people have paid for apps however. Only 13% have paid cash for phone apps, and most of those tended to be younger, more educated, more affluent and disproportionately male, the study said.

However, a conflicting report by Nielsen Co. said that a large amount of people are happy to pay for apps.

But, Roger Entner, a Nielsen senior vice president and co-author of the Pew report, said: "This is a pretty remarkable tech-adoption story if you consider that there was no apps culture until two years ago. It's too early to say what this will eventually amount to, but not too early to say that this is an important new part of the technology world of many Americans."

The survey questioned 2,252 adults on their phone usage habits. Pew has released a number of reports on the topic of phones in recent months as part of their research. In years to come it will be interesting to compare mobile phone findings of now with then.

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