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Stephen Fry is well known for his love of technology and often tweets about how fond he is of Apple products in particular, so it comes as no surprise that he has simultaneously launched his autobiography as an ebook, hardback novel and iPhone app. If you’re a fan you might want to recycle your mobile for cash and buy a Fry-endorsed one.

The celebrity is a well-known public figure in Britain and has taken his love for gadgetry to whole new levels with the release of his book The Fry Chronicles which is being also being released as a multiplatform e-book.

Costing £20 for a physical hardback copy of the book, the ebook will set you back £12.99 whereas the app for Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad costs just £7.99 and allows you to read the book in more inventive ways.

You can lead your own journey instead of relying on the typical linear narrative by choosing a section via the colour-coded indexing tool. This presents the book in a new and “utterly original” way, and also features a wealth of additional video and photo content.

“This non-linear structure allows you to create your own personal narrative,” promises the app. “Instead of doing something rather prosaic, like reproducing the printed book on a touch-screen, myFry’s unique visual index encourages users to discover and interact with Stephen’s story in new and unexpected ways.”

Jeremy Ettinghausen, digital publisher at Penguin tells The Telegraph: “We wanted to produce a unique digital publication for his book. We’ve created the perfect format for dipping in and out of and exploring books in a more playful way.

“Every word of The Fry Chronicles is in the myFry app, but the design and technology have allowed us to create an experience that would not be possible in print, and discover a new way to present an author’s work.”

If you want to sell your mobile to buy an iPhone for this app, Mobile Phone Xchange may be able to help you out.

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