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In a similar vein to Android, Nokia have announced that they plan to release over 50 smartphones in the next year using the Symbian-based operating system as it pushes forward in trying to bring the Nokia name back to the forefront and sell mobile smartphones.

The company are trying hard to compete with the big names iPhone and Android and are ramping up their attack with claims that they own 40% of the smartphone market and 260,000 of their smartphones are sold every day. Nokia also brazenly state that this is more than Apple and Google combined in the last quarter.

Nokia are still developing their Symbian-based smartphones and it is a work in progress to make the efficiency and developer friendliness of the new platform better. It also plans to maintain the lead they have on other phone manufacturers through their ‘very conservative’ handsets.

"We are arguably the most global company in any industry; our market is the world," said Niklas Savander, executive VP of markets for Nokia.

"We know one device will not satisfy all, even at the high end, as offering one model will inevitably lead to compromises.

"These could be to the phone, camera, keyboard, or even the phone itself, which is why we'll continue to offer a variety of devices."

It’s interesting to see Nokia taking more of an Android approach by releasing a number of phones instead of putting all their eggs in one basket like Apple. Let’s hope they continue to sell mobile phones to the masses.

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