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Posted by Harjeet September 13, 2010 07:33

As phones get more advanced, new technologies are being developed to make the experience even more spectacular. The newest proposed functionality is the ability to view 3D holograms. That will definitely get the carrier selling mobile phones!

When you think of 3D holograms, you probably think of the image of Princess Leia in Star Wars pleading “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi” being projected from R2-D2, but the company developing the technology have warned it could be many years before anything like that is produced.

Intel announced that they would be working in partnership with Nokia to experiment more with actual three-dimension which can be interacted with instead of three-dimensional on a flat surface like on movie or television screens.

Two years ago during the presidential election-night coverage, news channel CNN used 3D imagery during its live broadcast of correspondent Jessica Yellin, whose full length body was projected into the New York studio chatting and to Wolf Blitzer despite being situated in Chicago.

Another idea that has many people excited is the prospect of sitting in a football stadium and watching a game that is happening halfway across the world by having holograms projected onto the pitch. Japan’s national broadcasting corporation NHK is looking at ways to make this a reality.

If 3D phone communication does surface, it is sure to put features like the iPhone 4’s FaceTime to rest. Many people will likely recycle mobile phone for cash to buy one which has holograms.

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