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More people are deserting their gaming consoles and relying on mobile phones to get their fix of video games.

Many people are seeing the benefits of having an all-in-one device which saves them carrying around lots of electronic equipment and so sell gadgets for cash so they can buy a better smartphone which incorporates all these things in one.

One of these people is Max Batch, a 22-year old German from Frankfurt. Speaking to Bloombery news, he says: "It's not worth having a hand-held. I have an iPhone, and when I want to play, I download something from the App Store." Spending 2 euros a month, Batch has tried many handheld consoles but the practicality of using his phone is far greater than carrying around a dedicated device.

iSuppli researcher Pamela Tufegdzic says on the matter: "With casual gaming dominating the market, the iPhone is starting to give the traditional hand-held DS and PSP models a run for their money."

"There's certainly increased competition between the hand-held platforms and the mobile devices," said John Schappert, chief operating officer of Electronic Arts Inc. "I think there's going to be incredible growth happening on the iPad and the iPhone and the Android devices."

As more people ditch handhelds and spend cash for mobile phone games, it seems that the videogames market will take a hard hit.

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