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With the wealth of touchscreen phones being produced, the days of buttons seem to be diminishing. However, the new Nokia X3 smartphone has the best of both worlds and may make you want to trade in your old phone to buy the versatile handset.

A number of QWERTY phones are still being produced, but more traditional keypads are a little more difficult to come by these days. Most of the nation seems to be following the trend of getting a phone that is exclusively touchscreen but in hot weather sweaty fingers can cause the screen to smudge or not even sense touch at all.

The X3 measures just 9.6mm thick and is one of Nokia’s thinnest phones ever. Coming in five colours – black, white, pink, lilac and electric blue - it has a brushed aluminium back cover.

Mary McDowell, Nokia’s executive vice president of mobile phones said: “We have given people a larger screen with clear icons and menus, plus kept critical keys such as the send and end keys. We’ve also added dedicated function keys for important links like music and text messaging.

“We have designed the Nokia X3 to be a touch and type device because typing is ideal for SMS and social networking where fast and frequent input is needed, while touch is ideal for functions such as setting alarms, smooth browsing and controlling applications like music and games.”

Although touchscreen phones are becoming more and more popular these days, there are still a great deal of choice and variety out there if you do want a physical keyboard, like the X3. Just means you’ll have to do your research before committing to then exchanging your mobile phone.

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