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After coming under fire for blocking content from a number of gay-related websites which require age verification, T-Mobile have released a statement responding to the claims saying they are currently investigating the situation. It may not bode well for the company though and people may sell mobile phones and jump to a more easy-going network.

The gay website PinkNews reported last week that the network giant was not allowing access to certain areas of their website because it was deemed unsuitable for under-18 year olds.

T-Mobile released the following statement: "T-Mobile is currently investigating this issue. To be clear, we would never actively block material based on sexual orientation. It’s possible that the sites were blocked because they contain advertising or other content that falls outside of the Content Lock system which helps prevent children from accessing 18-rated material. This is done in accordance with a voluntary code that mobile operators agreed to in 2004."

Having a secure Content Lock system to protect minors is a common occurrence with most phone networks, but many websites have taken offence to T-Mobile’s system which is filtering content which is not offensive.

PinkNews confirmed that it has no adult related content or advertising within its website and therefore cannot understand why they are being subjected to such strict measures.

If you compare mobile phone networks for the same issue you’ll find others also have a strict content lock, and they too have been approached for statements in relation to this.

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