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Posted by Harjeet September 08, 2010 06:51

If you were to hear the words Paris and prison in the same sentence you’d instantly think of the Hilton heiress but there is a new bitch on the block that is helping Australian authorities sniff out illegal mobile phone activity from the cells of inmates.

The Paris in question is a four-year old Labrador who is using her nose to find handsets, batteries and SIM cards from prisoners at the Metropolitan Remand Centre down under.

Inmates in this prison, and many others across the world, buy and sell mobile phones and this can threaten security in the facility as this allows them to communicate with the outside world which is strictly forbidden.

Paris has been recruited because her skills as a specially trained phone detection dog will make the prison much safer.

Corrections Minister Bob Cameron said: "We know that by using a mobile phone prisoners could potentially organise criminal activity from within jail, arrange for contraband to be smuggled into prison, or harass people outside the prison walls."

Initially used as a breeding dog at the Australian Customs Services, Paris is described as highly alert and now joins 27 other highly-trained prison dogs who work in jails across the state.

Prisoners who used mobile phones for cash, bullying or any other disallowed behaviour might get in serious trouble thanks to Paris the dog.

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