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If you’re unhappy with the network coverage you are currently getting you may want to sell your mobile and switch to T-Mobile or Orange because the merger between the two companies is set to create a super network which switches to the better signal.

Having announced that they will be joining forces to create a giant service for their combined 30 million customers, the two mobile phone giants will be re-branded under the name Everything Everywhere which is a true description of what they have planned.

Customers will be automatically be switched to whichever network is providing the strongest signal which means that coverage across the country will be much improved. When mobile phone comparisons are made between the T-Mobile networks and everyone else they don’t often fare well.

However, people believe that they now have the most to gain from the merger. Shaun Collins of research firm CCS Insight tells the BBC: "Outside of the South-East [of England] there has been a constant perception that T-Mobile is an underperforming network.

“This literally takes it away overnight," he adds. "The network coverage advantages of the merger [between Orange and T-Mobile] were always the most important part of it."

The “roaming” ability will go live on 5th October to those who sign up for it. For everyone else, they will automatically switch between the two from next year.

Customers are understandably excited about the prospect of having better reception with Everything Everywhere and the added benefits the merger will bring.

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