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Posted by Harjeet September 07, 2010 06:52

For keep-fit fanatics out there, the latest must-have app is the newly launched iPhone compatible Nike one for the runners among us, available to download via iTunes.

The app, called Nike+ GPS is handy for any jogger who wants to keep track of their runs and uses the iPhone’s accelerometer and GPS to allow users to view data to keep on top of their stats and stay motivated.

When the app is activated, it traces the route you run using the GPS and makes note of your pace, distance, time and number of calories burned. And if you want to challenge yourself further, you can access the Challenge Me feature which helps push your further in a number of different ways including speed and length.

It also has motivational messages from professional athletes and celebrities so it feels like you have a famous personal trainer keeping you positive.

Not only that, but you can share your stats with other like-minded keep fit enthusiasts by using NikePlus.com. From here you can post your run details to Twitter and Facebook.

There are many free apps on the market but Nike are a trusted brand so paying $1.99 cash for mobile app Nike+ GPS won’t be too straining on users who want a familiar name to help them keep fit and healthy.

No word has been given on when the app will be available on Android, Blackberry or other mobile platforms, so if you are desperate to get the Nike+ GPS app you may want to sell your mobile and buy an Apple iPhone.

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