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If phone radiation damage is a serious concern for you, you might want to sell your mobile phone and buy a Blackberry, Android or Nokia device so you can see how much exactly is being emitted from your phone.

The company Tawkon have developed an app which measures the amount of radiation that your phone releases. It is hoped that with this knowledge, users will be more careful with the amount they use their mobile.

Already available on RIM’s Blackberry phones, the Israeli start-up company hopes to launch the app on Google’s Android and Nokia’s Symbian phones later this year.

"We are the first solution that can be downloaded to a phone," Tawkon co-founder and CEO Gil Friedlander told Reuters. Normally, external devices are used to measure toxicity but now anyone with a mobile can do so.

The app is constantly alert to radiation levels, and if it reaches the “red zone” the user is notified and given suggestions on how to lower exposure.

"There are simple things you can do such as changing the phone's position from horizontal to vertical," Friedlander said. "We don't want people to stop using phones but to use them more responsibly."

The app was originally rejected by Apple for inclusion on the iPhone, but they have since seen the potential and are interested. "The media picked up on it... and a week later I got a phone call from Apple saying they wanted to talk with us. They are trying to see how they can get it into their App store," Friedlander said.

If you want to be extra cautious, the best thing to do is recycle your phone and get cash for your mobile. Being without a handset eliminates chances of radiation to your brain.

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