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Although people heavily rely on their mobile phones and can’t imagine life without it, when it comes to the thing that makes their handsets work, they aren’t so full of love. But then who would be of tall ugly towers which may or may not cause cancer.

However there is one man who is selling mobile phone tower space in his back garden in America without any concern for his health or the annoyance of his neighbours. Marshall Jackson wants to help the nation to stay connected and as a resulted has allowed towers to be placed on his property in Los Altos.

He tells Mercury News: "The way I look at it," he says, "it's a service to the community. This is an absolutely perfect location."

Currently, Jackson has towers for network providers AT&T, Metro PCS, Sprint and T-Mobile but has applied for another so Verizon can join the “antenna farm” as his neighbours have referred to it who aren’t pleased with the eyesores blocking their view of the scenery.

"We know people have to have cell phones," said Chris Hyrne, who lives nearby. "But we already have three towers in our neighborhood."

With Jackson reportedly getting between $500 and $3,000 a month from each of the towers, he is earning at least $4,500 monthly from the three combined, which equates to $54,000 a year just for renting out his back garden to network providers.

If you’re short on money maybe you can get cash for mobile phone towers being placed in your garden too.

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