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A man in Florida is suing Google because the Nexus One smartphone he bought did not meet the expectations he had regarding connectivity. We suggest you recycle your phone if you are unhappy with it.

Google’s high-profile experimental attempt at creating a revolutionary smartphone available to buy online and not in stores was cited by many as being an iPhone killer, but the hype didn’t move customers to buy without trying and the Nexus One was soon pulled from the cyber shelves.

However, Nathan Nabors bought the phone which runs an Android operating system, and he wasn’t impressed. As a result, the US resident is suing Google citing in the lawsuit that they have violated the Communications Act by misleading customers about the device’s capabilities.

When Nabors had problems with his phone and didn’t get the promised levels of 3G connectivity, he called his network provider T-Mobile who gave him an email address to contact. However, when he sent them his complaints, he received “severe delay” in response.

"Mr. Nabors bought the phone and thought a customer service representative would be there when there was a problem," Howard Rubinstein, Nabor's lawyer said. "Frankly, that wasn't the case."

Rubinstein however stated that in cases like this, a huge payout was not generally handed out and he expects the award to be approximately the same amount that was paid for the product, which in the case of the Nexus One is $560 in the US with a T-Mobile contract.

If you have a Nexus One and aren’t happy with it, sell your mobile phone for cash and cut out the middleman lawyer.

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