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If you are looking to sell your old phone and are looking for a replacement without spending too much, an Android model might be the right choice for you. Not only can you get a variety of decently-priced handsets but more free apps are available to you.

In a report conducted by research company Distimo, it was discovered that the Android marketplace has double the amount of free apps than competitor phones Apple and Blackberry.

Google, the brains behind the Android OS, have 60% free software in their app store, whereas Apple has 29% and RIM who manufacture Blackberry offer just 26% of their apps for no money the Netherland based researcher published on their website.

The reason why many applications might be available free of charge is because it is an open source network meaning that anyone can develop an app for the Android Market. However, although there might be more free apps, Google only have 70,000 of them. Apple has more than tripled that on their iPhone with a whopping 250,000 apps.

Available in 46 countries, the Android Market is struggling to get users downloading paid for apps because only 14 of those nations have the ability to get them. Also, those with an Android have to sign up for a Google Checkout account to download these paid apps, it has been said.

But with the ever-increasing popularity of the Android brand, pace in which apps are being added are speeding up. So if you are going to recycle your mobile for an upgrade, it is worth considering Google OS enabled phones.

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