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Most girls have experienced the dilemma of wearing a gorgeous outfit without pockets to store their phone forcing them to carry an awkward bag with them which is a struggle to open in time to answer. But now with a new dress designed by a London-based fashion company, carrying a clunky phone could soon be a thing of the past.

The quirky clothing designers CuteCircuit have devised a cute little black dress, an essential item for any girl’s wardrobe. But the thing that makes it different from any other little black dress on the market is that it has a phone incorporated into it. It could mean handsets are made redundant and more people recycle mobile phones.

The M-Dress as it is being referred to lets the wearer make and receive calls by placing their sim card under the label of the garment so existing numbers can be stored. And when there is an incoming call, all you would have to do is lift your arm up to your ear and end it by dropping your hand back down to your side.

The antenna is stitched into the hem at the bottom of the "dark, richly textured, form-fitting silk jersey" at knee-length to reduce the amount of radiation being transmitted to the head.

As for caller ID, you can assign different ringtones for different people. However, according to the technology website Mashable, the dress can only call a limited number of pre-programmed contacts.

CuteCircuit say about the dress: “Very often phone calls are missed because mobile phones are quite awkward to carry, especially for women, that have garments with small or no pockets.To allow women to stay connected while remaining stylish, CuteCircuit designed the M- Dress. A mobile phone in its own right but built out of soft circuitry.”

No pricing has been confirmed for the M-Dress but if it appeals to you sell your mobile phone for cash to help fund the sexy yet practical garment.

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