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Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric qualities in terms of innovative dress sense, outrageous music videos and sexually charged songs, but one of the risky things she refuses to do is speak on a mobile phone.

The singer, who has a song called Telephone, is afraid that mobile radiation will fry her brain and give her a tumour. Now we understand why she sings “stop calling stop calling I don’t want to talk anymore.” Maybe someone should suggest mobile phone recycling to her.

Although reports of mobile phone usage increasing the risk of cancer have not been confirmed, Lady Gaga still lives in fear that her creativity and career will be tarnished if she develops any health problems.

As a result, she gets one of her entourage to key in the number and hit dial so she has minimal contact with the mobile, and then she’ll speak with it being held away from her using the speakerphone function.

A source close to the star tells The Sun: "Even though there's no firm evidence, it's really freaked her out.

"One of her team has to hold the phone so it isn't too close to her head. She then listens on the phone loudspeaker." If like Lady Gaga you fear radiation damage, sell your mobile phone for cash.

In addition to her phone fears, the insider claims another one of the songstress’s outlandish demands is that security staff carry her because she only allots herself a certain amount of time walking a day.

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